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When she finished, she and her mother got to work on the verbal section. First they entered each of the questions together in the book, matching each question to the correct answer, page by page. Then Roselyn solved the problem alone, entering each answer individually, line by line. In all, there were 10 math questions and 8 verbal questions. Then, Roselyn was given half an hour to enter the answers. If she hadn't finished, they'd start the verbal section over. Roselyn is a good student. Her math scores put her in the top 10 percent of the state. Her verbal scores have been in the top five percent. But she's definitely not perfect. When it comes to the SAT, Roselyn is competitive, and she believes she can do better. But she has to focus on the test. And Roselyn has been focused for a very long time. In sixth grade, Roselyn wrote the SAT. In seventh grade, she got a score of 895. She worked her way up to a 1600, an 800 and a 700, and then a series of low scores. "I'm still proud of how I started, but my score is not my first priority," Roselyn said. "I'm working on my weaknesses." Roselyn's father is a corrections officer, and he isn't always around for her. When he is, he's busy working. He can't help with the nightly homework, but he will work in extra credit questions with her. But Roselyn is on her own when it comes to studying. "We have a library card, and I love the library, but it's not a real class," she said. "I go to the library, and I pick out all of my books, but I don't read them in a class. I read them for homework." Roselyn is one of the many thousands of students who is using after-school programs and tutors to get ready for the college entrance exams. It's a growing trend, and it's one that the College Board, which administers the SAT, is concerned about. But not because it will hurt their bottom line. The College Board's quarterly revenue report shows that tutoring is on the rise, and its consultant on colleges says they're concerned that students are taking advantage of programs like Roselyn's. It's not that the



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Barronssatbookpdffreedownload [March-2022]

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